Eye surgeon Dr. Indars Lacis

Topolyzer VARIO Diagnostic device

The Topolyzer VARIO diagnostic device is the evolution of the proven Topolyzer diagnostic device technology which integrates non-contact topography, keratometry and pupilometry in a single device.


Based on the placido disc system, the Topolyzer VARIO diagnostic device is supported by 22 measurement rings with 22,000 elevation points and an optimized edge detection by sub-pixel approximation down to 1/10 pixel.

Height acquisition is performed up to 1,300 microns. The standard deviation at a measured height of 1,200 microns is between 3-4 microns. Opaque eyes can be reliably measured.

The user-friendly handling of the calibration-check and automatic measurement release (realized by the integrated real keratometer) provides high reproducibility.

Efficient corneal measurement capture is performed via a 3-D user guidance.

A high-performance data processor provides an automatic eye (OD/OS) recognition for more reliable data output.

After evaluation of the digital signals in the device, the transmission to the state-of-the-art notebook is performed via a high-speed USB-connection.


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