Laser ophthalmologist Dr. Zanna Artina
Liene, landscape architect

I wore glasses and contact lenses for about 11 years. But ... it was not the best option for me because it was uncomfortable. With glasses I couldn’t do anything so I tried contact lenses, but even they did not give me a sense of freedom and I felt like a prisoner.

I was preparing for this surgery for about 2 years, but I was still afraid on my way there. But the responsive and friendly staff reassured me and gave me good advice. Prior to the surgery I expected pain and some unpleasantness, but there was none. The only thing I felt was slight pressure on the eyeball when the doctor immobilized it.

I got to experience the results of the surgery right away, while still sitting in the operating-room, when the doctor asked me to take a look at the clock on the wall and to tell him what I could see. I could only say „wow” because I saw everything – every number, which prior to the surgery I could not see without my glasses or contact lenses.

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