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LASIK (in Latin ‘laser in situ keratomileusis’) is a corneal surgery type which does not require staying in a hospital. During the operation the surgeon uses a special, precise instrument – microkeratome to create a thin corneal flap which later is lifted and separated sidewards by a surgeon.

During the procedure, the flap remains connected with the cornea. Then the excimer laser acts on the base of cornea with a specific amount of energy that gets individually calculated, according to the patient data obtained from the preoperative visit. 

At the end of the laser action corneal flap gets folded back, rinsing the exposed base of the cornea before that. After the corneal flap gets placed back, the natural healing processes ensure that it fixes to the cornea. A couple of hours later, the epithelium of the corneal surface usually grows up over the flap and fixes to the cornea. 

SMART LASIK is an advanced LASIK method that allows the surgeon to adjust the operation for each eye separately. 

This method is based on a modeling of a precise three-dimensional optical map that considers the irregular surface of cornea and aberrations.

Thus SMART LASIK provides even more accurate measurements and this enable the surgery to have the best possible outcome. 

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