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Methods of laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery is the most effective and quickest way to treat such optical defects as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Surgeries in Dr. Lukins’ Eye Clinic are performed with SMART LASIK and TRANS-EPI LASIK, providing high security and accuracy level and the best results.

The operation has an immediate effect - glasses or lenses are not needed anymore, so the patient attains not only an excellent vision, but also improves the quality of his life in general. 

There are several clinically approved vision correction methods in Latvia and all of them are safe, simple and effective. Such operations are performed for more than 5 million people worldwide each year and the success rate of an excellent outcome constantly stays at a very high level. 

Vision defects can be easily treated by laser operations but the treatment method varies, depending on several individual factors – quality of vision, patient's age and other specific factors. Considering that everyone of us has unique eyes and therefore different requirements, Dr. Lukin’s Eye Clinic offers for each patient an extensive eye examination and a consultation to agree on the most appropriate vision correction method. 

The success rate of vision correction

Our clinic’s data shows that in 99.7% cases after the surgery the patients do not need glasses or contact lenses anymore. The cases when glasses are still required are for patients older than 45 years and even then only for reading. There is a possibility to choose an operation method to reduce the need for reading glasses to minimum. 

The short time of laser operation reduces the external environment impact on corneal tissue; thereby the risk of postoperative complications decreases and the period of postoperative period shortens.

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