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Laser eye surgery

Before the surgery

Before the surgery an anesthetic will be used for your eyes so you will not feel any pain during the surgery. 

During the surgery 

The surgery for both eyes lasts about 15 minutes but the laser itself acts on each eye only for a few seconds. At the beginning of the surgery the eyelids gets fixed so that you would not have to worry about eye blinking during the operation.

To start the vision correction surgery a surgeon uses the most accurate tool – a microkeratome. Microkeratome gets set on the eye and with its help a flap from the corneal tissue gets created to reach the middle of the cornea. This is the tissue on which the laser acts to correct the error of refraction. When using a FEMTOLASIK method, the corneal flap gets created with a laser, thus in a TRANS-EPI LASIK method it does not get created at all.

Incorrect corneal curvature is the reason why you are not able to see clearly without glasses. When acting on the corneal tissue with a laser, we correct the corneal curvature and this will rid you of the need for glasses in the future. The process is very short and, most importantly, painless.

In our clinic we use the latest technologies, such as currently the fastest excimer laser WaveLight EX500 which ensures safety, accuracy and excellent results.

At the end of the surgery, after the laser performance, the corneal flap gets carefully and precisely placed back to its original placement and immediately after that the healing process begins. 

After the surgery 

The postoperative care is as relevant as the surgery itself. After the surgery you will relax for one or two hours in a special room where you will sleep keeping your eyes closed. It is very important because after the surgery your eyes will be irritated and very sensitive to light. This feeling usually disappears entirely after 24 hours.



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