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Your suitability for a laser eye surgery

1. My vision defect is less than -14 diopter in case of myopia or +6 diopter in case of hyperopia.

2. I am over 18 years of age.

3. I have not had any changes in my vision quality over the last year.

4. I am neither pregnant nor breast-feeding.

5. I think that my eyes are in good health and I do not have any eye diseases.

6. I do not use any medicine that could affect the healing process or hormone level.

7. I am not doing sports in which there are close contact, such as boxing or karate.

8. I am tired of eyeglasses and contact lenses.

If your answers on all of these statements are positive, you can consider yourself as an appropriate candidate for a laser eye surgery. But if you have a few questions which you cannot affirm you can consult with your doctor to find out whether this type of surgery is suitable for you. 

Factors mentioned below also can influence your suitability for a laser surgery. However, this can be assessed only by your doctor.

These factors are: 

  • Thickness of the cornea; 
  • Existing or previously had surgery; 
  • Size of the eye pupil; 
  • A dry eye syndrome; 
  • Previously had procedures.  

The decision whether or not you are suitable for a laser eye surgery, we will make during the first consultation according to the guidelines recommended by American Academy of Eye Physicians and the German Association of Eye Physicians. 

During the first consultation the doctor will ask you questions to which you will have to give honest answers in order to avoid any possible risks or complications afterwards. This could disturb the postoperative rehabilitation process and require additional care. 

Consider whether you currently can relate to any of the situations mentioned below. If so, then discuss them with an eye doctor or a surgeon in all details. 

The situations are as follows (but not only):

  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding; 
  • You have a serious keratoconus, cataract, glaucoma, eye diseases associated with a herpetic infection (all of this has to be discussed with a surgeon); 
  • You are using a certain medicine prescribed by a doctor, for example, hormonals; 
  • You suffer from diabetes, arthritis or with a systemic lupus erythematodes; this also should be discussed with a surgeon.


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