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What is the success rate of vision correction?
Our clinic’s data shows that in 99.7% cases after the surgery the patients do not need glasses or contact lenses anymore. The cases when glasses are still required are for patients older than 45 years and even then only for reading. 

Does the surgery hurt?

The procedure itself is pain-free. You may experience a pressure sensation when the flap is created and some discomfort or irritation for up to 24 hours after surgery. We provide pain relief medication in eyedrop form to help eliminate any discomfort. 

What will happen with my eyesight in future?
Once corrected, your vision should maintain its correction. Studies have shown that the results of your surgery will not diminish overtime.

Very few patients need an enhancement due to individual healing and initial corrections. For those with high prescriptions, the chance of needing an enhancement is greater.

How the vision changes after 45 years old?
After the age 45 a lot of people have a vision problem, called presbyopia. This is an aging of the lens inside the eye, which makes it difficult to focus up close. Nearly all people will develop presbyopia at some point in their lives. Patients with presbyopia only (no shortsightedness, longsightedness or astigmatism) have excellent distance vision but poor close vision, and typically use reading glasses.

What are the side effects of LASIK?
The most common side effects are light sensitivity, and halos. Undercorrection or overcorrection may occur, and glasses may be needed after surgery to restore perfect vision. In some instances, irregular corneal curvatures and/or haze might be created and glasses may not restore perfect vision.

How long the recovery lasts?
The recovery after the surgery is very fast. In most cases vision is stabilized at the next day after the surgery and patients admit their eyes feel good 24 hours after the treatment. The vision improves 2-3 weeks after the surgery. 

Can I correct both eyes at one day?
We recommend to correct both eyes at the same time. Having your eyes treated at different times extends the healing and takes more of your time. Most patients find it more convenient to have both eyes treated at the same time. 

Is there a possibility that I will need the reoperation?
In more than 99,7% of cases there is no need for reoperation. In some cases there may be a necessary for the reoperation to get an optimal vision.  If so, the reoperation is free of charge 6 months after the operation.

How long does the procedure take?
The laser treatment lasts about 1.4 seconds per dioptry, and the average time for an operation is about 15-20 minutes. The preparation for the surgery lasts about 15 minutes. After the treatment you will stay in our clinic for approximately 2 hours.


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