Eye surgeon Dr. Ilga Lukina

Eye surgeon Dr. Ilga Lukina

Dr. Ilga Lukina accumulated her professional experience from ten years of work in Latvian American Eye Center, afterwards - in private practice of eye doctors “Lukina and Lukins”, but from year 2008 she has joined the medical staff of the Dr. Lukins’ Eye Clinic.

She studied at the 4th Medicine Nursing School of Riga, at the Medical Institute of Riga and later at the Eye department of the Academy of Medicine (Paula Stradina University).

Dr. Lukina expanded her skills at the Phaco emulsification courses in Latvian American Eye Center and participated in the SOE Eye Congresses in Stockholm, Berlin and Vienna. She also took part in experience exchange in the Brookfield Clinic (USA).

Dr. Lukina is a member of Latvian Eye doctor association.

Dr. Lukina performs cataract surgeries with intraocular lens method, surgeries of secondary cataract, glaucoma surgeries and treatment, eyelid surgeries, ambulatory surgeries (removal of eyelid formations), provides eyeglass prescription and various eye disease diagnostics and treatment.


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